Based in Saint Paul, Minnesota, Jacob Pavek first visited modern classical music at age 21. After earning a degree in Music Composition, Pavek released his debut album ‘Bloom’ in 2012 -a collage of pieces written for piano and cello. ‘Bloom’ enjoyed an early success with select works performed by The San Jose Orchestra in 2013, and other tracks featured in the Emmy Award-winning documentary "Haiti Love" in 2014 (produced by Dana Johnson and filmed by Dan Huiting).

Since the release of Bloom, Pavek developed his craft further, honing in on the sounds that come from deep down in the subconscious from sitting down at a piano. These sounds formulated his 2015 sophomore release 'Illume'. 11 songs comprised of piano and violin, Illume feels less of a collage of works and more of a cohesive experience with each track blending into the next creating it's own world. The rich grand piano and Leah Ottman's soaring violin performance make it feel as it you were sitting in a dimly lit, empty cathedral. Illume is a clear evolution of Pavek's ability to write from the modern day romantic's psyche, allowing the listener the relation of their own past experiences.